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WASP Comics Online Now!

WASP stands for Webcomic Artist Swap Project

You can find out more about the project and read all the comics here http://www.tempolush.com/wasp/

This comic was illustrated beautifully by Francesca Dare! You can read her webcomic Penny Black Feather here http://www.pennyblackfeather.co.uk/

For the 2nd half of my swap I got to draw a Blake Sinclair mini comic written by Sarah Burgess. You can read the comic here http://www.tempolush.com/wasp/blake-sinclair-by-sarah-burgess-with-sammy-borras/

You can find Sarah's webcomic here http://blake-sinclair.smackjeeves.com/


(also a massive thanks to Francesca for drawing wonderful pages, sarah for writing a great comic for me to draw and richy for organising everyone. its been a lot of fun!! )

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WASP stands for the Webcomic Artist Swap Project! - created by Richy K. Chandler. You can read more about it here

During the run up to the project I've decided to post some free mini comic pages this week encase you missed them last year!


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Moth Eyes Launches Friday

Hello, just some news and link updating.

Instant Comics will be returning this Friday with a short story documenting my first sleep walking experience. I'm calling it Moth Eyes. So I should be back updating for 5/6 weeks.

Links -


posted by mangazebra on 24 May 2011 01:39 am   ||   1 comments

Best Day Ever comics online


yup, just to let you know I've set up a online shop and you can by copies of Best Day Ever with a bonus comic and 2 badges! and there are also anthologies in there that I have compiled with friends.

thanks for all the support


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Next friday lunch time, Instant Comics will begin updating again! (GMT)

If you're new, please have a look through the comic archive. There are already lots of short stories from earlier this year.

Sorry for taking such a long break.

Thanks for Reading


posted by mangazebra on 05 Dec 2009 10:46 am   ||   1 comments


Hey, welcome to my newly launched webcomic. Its finally starting to grow a little more quickly with todays 3 page update which is quite exciting!

I really hope people enjoy reading these comics just as much as I love drawing them. I'm ahead of weekly updates - so there shouldn't be any weeks off at the moment.

Thanks for reading!

posted by mangazebra on 20 Feb 2009 08:38 am   ||   0 comments